Business Barometer Forecast: Hurricane IWBC sweeps Through Idaho

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Business Barometer Forecast: Hurricane IWBC sweeps Through Idaho

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Megan Bryant is the director of the Idaho Women's Business Center
Megan Bryant is director of the Idaho Women’s Business Center

You know that calm, almost mysterious stillness you can sense in the air before a grand summer storm hits?

Then BOOM. Crack! ZAP – a bolt of lightening strikes. Thunder rolls. And down pours the rain.

Some people run for cover and watch from the shelter of their car, home or office. Others jump and splash in the puddles. Regardless of how you interact with the storm, there’s no denying that it’s happening, and almost everyone stops what they are doing, at least for a few moments, to witness nature swirling and whipping in all its glory.

(Or…Boomerang it on Instagram, right?)

The refreshing essence that follows a cleansing flash of rain is rich with the bold, distinct fragrance of wet earth and asphalt.

Like a powerful sweeping storm, the Idaho Women’s Business Center is poised and already launched into the whirlwind of opportunity, connection and resources to take women-owned businesses across Idaho into the future in the most robust and sustainable ways we can muster.

This is the third time that there has been a Women’s Business Center in Idaho, and this time, under the leadership of Executive Director Diane Bevan and our team, we have a multi-layered strategy to launch objectives quickly, and thoroughly, while establishing a framework that will keep our doors open to serve for many years to come.

We have a broad vision to make statewide connections between our underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners and the resources they need to succeed.

With a cutting-edge approach, we’ll be able to deliver informative content via our rapidly growing social media platforms, including frequent LiveStream broadcasts, along with training options made available in the digital space and in-person in communities statewide.

And, we’ll be producing training deliverables in both English and Spanish to honor the significant Hispanic population, the largest minority group (and growing!), which represents 13% of the total population in Idaho.

We are harnessing the collective intelligence of business experts from a wide range of industries to bring their experience and applicable tools into our library of resources.

You may have heard of our Rural Growth Initiative, which, in short, means we have a dedicated focus to ensure that our rural women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs (have I mentioned statewide?) are not left out of reach in connecting the dots they need to bring their ideas to life and to frame up their businesses for long-term success.

And you can find me, Megan Bryant, right here in the Idaho Business Review with a periodic column sharing success stories, valuable business insights, and shining spotlights on women-owned businesses from the far reaches of our amazing state.

We are thrilled about this opportunity to execute the mission of the IWBC: “To SERVE all Women, Cultures and Communities ​in Achieving their Educational, Professional and Entrepreneurial goals. WE BELIEVE in the Potential of Women, Minorities, Immigrants and Families. WE CHOOSE to Educate, Train and Help them obtain Successful Business Ownership and Employment.”

Let’s make it rain, folks.

Megan Bryant is director of the Idaho Women’s Business Center.

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