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The Actionable tool for a positive mindset.

Improv is the hottest thing in corporate training.  Because it works.

Teaching improv skills in a business setting will enhance the abilities of both individuals and entire companies.  Your people will develop better communication skills and the ability to think on their feet.  Learn how to foster innovation, confidence, trust, team building, and creativity.  Bringing Improv Team Culture to your organization can rejuvenate any workplace.

Megan has been teaching improv since 2006 with businesses ranging from 6 employees to 600, spanning all types of industries and including Fortune 500 companies, Leadership Retreats, Sales/Training Seminars, and more.

She’s receive such honors as Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished Under 40 and Women of the Year recognitions.

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meet megan bryant corporate training events groups

Corporate events

Engaging and impactful team-building experiences for groups of all sizes, and a WAY more meaningful option than taking them bowling.

megan bryant group improv training class

Group Classes

Plug in an interactive workshop for Leadership seminars, Retreats, group date nights, and much more. Improv is for everyone!

megan bryant yes and improv classes in boise idaho

"YES, AND" Business Coaching

Megan's signature Improv workshops teach the practical, everyday applications behind the mechanics of performance improvisation. Click to Schedule a improv workshop coaching session.

megan-bryant-keynote-speeches boise idaho

Fresh, relevant Keynote Speeches or an EXCELLENT fit for breakout sessions.

A Great fit for Main Stage or Breakout Sessions for Business and Personal Development Conferences

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