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14 Tips to Make Your Speech Memorable

Speaking is the BEST way to stand out as an expert in your field, to accelerate your credibility as a trusted thought leader, and to expand your impact in a meaningful way. Crafting a memorable speech is an art that combines finesse and strategy. Public speaking improvement doesn’t happen overnight, but with these 14 expert

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How to Suspend Judgment in the Workplace With “Yes, And”

Have you ever found yourself in a workplace where judgment hangs in the air, clouding the potential for growth and collaboration? The struggle is undeniably real, turning your professional journey into a challenging and rocky road. Enter the transformative practices of suspending judgment and embracing the philosophy of “Yes, And” – a vocabulary power-couple that

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Ever pondered the idea that the principles of improv comedy might hold valuable lessons for both life and business? The spontaneity, adaptability, and collaborative essence of improv not only enrich our personal lives but also offer profound insights applicable to the dynamic world of business. Embracing these principles fosters a culture of innovation, effective communication,

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How Improv Enhances Leaders’ Self-Awareness

How Improv Enhances Leaders’ Self-Awareness Improv enhances leaders’ self-awareness by fostering crucial skills and mindsets that contribute to effective leadership.  In a study conducted by Ginka Toegel and Jean-Louis Barsoux, the authors of “How To Become a Better Leader,” published in the MIT Sloan Management Review, they explore the significance of self-awareness in the process

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The Impact of Improv Rules on Business Communication

The Impact of Improv Rules on Business Communication Business communication is when people share information at work and with others outside the company. It helps employees and managers work together to reach company goals. The aim is to make work better and avoid mistakes. To improve how we communicate in business, it’s essential to focus on

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5 Strategic Improv Techniques For Employee Retention 

In the dynamic landscape of business, retaining employees remains an ongoing challenge and should be addressed. Using interactive dynamics in the workplace promotes employee retention. While conventional strategies undoubtedly play a role, an innovative and increasingly effective technique gaining traction is the integration of improv insights for employee retention.  Here’s 5 Strategic Improv Techniques For

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Transforming Keynote Speaking Mistakes with Improv Insights

TRANSFORMING KEYNOTE SPEAKING MISTAKES WITH IMPROV INSIGHTS The world of keynote speaking is a dynamic stage where each word, gesture, and moment holds the potential to leave a lasting impact. To stand out from the crowd, speakers must navigate common mistakes with finesse. In Paul Sloane’s article on BBN Times, he shared the 8 common

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The Business Strategies You Need In 2024

THE BUSINESS STRATEGIES YOU NEED IN 2024 In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the pursuit of success demands more than just adaptability—it requires a business strategy visioned to resonate with the core values and objectives of your enterprise.    As we step into the promising expanse of 2024, the need to reassess and realign business

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Workshop Ideas for Your Business

Interactive workshops are central for educating your teams. These workshops not only benefit the company but also equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for personal and professional growth. Engaging workshop concepts that foster learning, networking, and team cohesion can enable you to deliver a productive and enjoyable business event.  CUSTOMIZABLE TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS

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Business Negotiation Skills With Improv Insights

What is the Importance of Negotiation to Business? Negotiation skills are not merely confined to deal-making; they are a crucial strategic tool with profound implications for business success and sustainability in a competitive market. Positioned as the cornerstone of fruitful business interactions, negotiation involves uncovering common ground, securing favorable deals, and fostering enduring relationships. Beyond deal

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