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Improvisational theater, or simply “improv,” is a type of performance art that has been enjoyed for decades. But lately, businesses and organizations have been tapping into its benefits on leadership skills and collaborative communication in the workplace. Here are three reasons why improv can be a powerful tool for strengthening these essential skills. 1.Improv develops

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It is crucial for businesses to establish a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Team-building exercises, communication training, and incentives for collaboration and cross-functional work can help achieve this. Employees may utilize each other’s talents and abilities by working as a team, resulting in better outputs and more company success. Improvisational workshops are already entering the

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Megan Mccaleb prepares for a keynote speech and gets a standing ovation

Be Authentic, Get a Standing Ovation

If you want a standing ovation, you have to be authentic. Several years ago I was prepping to give the opening keynote for a business conference. It was a brightly lit, stark beige hotel ballroom setting with a room full of people chattering with one another. Many had coffee in hand, still getting their engines

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Megan McCaleb running teambuilding workshop for employee retention

Another Mention on Employee Retention

As a business owner or manager, employee retention is likely one of your top priorities. After all, a high turnover rate can be both costly and disruptive to your company. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce employee turnover, and one of them involves using improv rules in the workplace. Here are three incredibly easy steps

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3 Misconceptions of Improv

THREE MISCONCEPTIONS of “DOING” IMPROV:   You have to BE FUNNY. The ability to improvise is something that some people were born with and not a skill that can be learned. You’ll have to perform in front of your peers.   Good news! These are just misconceptions.   The idea of “doing improv” freaks a

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Personal Development with Improv Insights

My business deliverables have been versatile and adaptable over the years, just like the artform of IMPROV itself, which is at the very foundation of everything that I do. Everyone who has ever heard of improv before typically has their own idea of what it means or how it applies and MANY people don’t think

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Rethinking Team Building

What do you think about when you hear “Team Building?”  I spent a LOT of time working in the corporate world and we had a variety of speakers, a rafting adventures, trust falls, or sometimes a “Team Building” event of going bowling. And hey, I love to bowl, it just didn’t fortify my ability to

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public speaking

Amplify Your Message

What message do you want to AMPLIFY? Last year when I got this new tattoo I felt compelled to put this easter egg in the artwork so I would see it often as a reminder to amplify the messages that are important to me. Which, honestly, can be really scary at times. As I’ve grown and bloomed

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