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Business Barometer Forecast: Hurricane IWBC sweeps Through Idaho

See the original article at:  Idaho Business Review You know that calm, almost mysterious stillness you can sense in the air before a grand summer storm hits? Then BOOM. Crack! ZAP – a bolt of lightening strikes. Thunder rolls. And down pours the rain. Some people run for cover and watch from the shelter of

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Megan Bryant Getting To Know Me Blog

Getting To Know Me

The Rest of Your Life Figuring out how “being in love” worked was a more complicated lesson for me than it needed to be. Turns out love is simple, although, possibly different than we might traditionally expect. Oh, to “fall in love.” Spend endless moments getting to know the person you are going to spend

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Happier, Healthier Human Connections in the Workplace

Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin Youtube Happier, Healthier Human Connections in the Workplace Ask anyone you know how they feel about laughter. Granted, there are folks who are self-conscious about the sound of their laugh, but there’s no denying it feels amazing. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who hates it. Everyone loves to laugh

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Prepartum Depression

My heart cracks and crumbles a little more each time I read about a mother’s struggle with Postpartum Depression. Especially when I’ve come across another wave of articles lately about mothers who ultimately ended their own lives, leaving behind sweet babies and overwhelmed and likely confused/shocked husbands and family members. Each of my pregnancies have

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Improv is NOT for Everyone

I fell in love with the art of improvisation over ten years ago. Within mere MINUTES of my first experience with the craft I could sense that it was going to be absolutely life changing. I knew it would be an influential skill set from then on. I felt it should be a part of

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VLOG 7 Not My Plan

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this blog. I’ve been eager for this moment for months. What a whirlwind the past 18 months have been. What started as a little, persistent inkling in my very soul, urging me to share this positive story of adoption has become a small pile of pages bound together in

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VLOG 6 A Jeep Farewell

Listen, I understand there are MUCH bigger problems in the world than having to sell my Jeep, but humor me for a few minutes (or don’t! No one will MAKE you watch this) so I may lament the passing of my Jeep keys into the hands of another man. There are no other items that

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VLOG 5 Stuff n’ Things

It’s been a fun project to learn how to VLOG about the life of a mompreneur. The hardest part is actually remembering to film stuff! I actually have to be quite intentional about the process, which sorta takes away from the authenticity of capturing me in my natural habitat. My busiest days are so much

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VLOG 4 Comedy Press Kit Prep

Some days I’d like to just not have a to-do list. Just be a mom. Good news is I can do that in short increments each day, and for that I am TRULY grateful. It doesn’t keep me from stressing out about all the things I could be doing to further my business objectives, however,

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The Suits Shall Set You Free

This is a little throw back to a short blog I wrote about a year ago on a different platform, before this nifty site was even conceived. I really enjoy re-reading my own words about where I’ve been with my career to stay focused on where I’m going. It isn’t easy to build your own

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