Rethinking Team Building

What do you think about when you hear “Team Building?” 


I spent a LOT of time working in the corporate world and we had a variety of speakers, a rafting adventures, trust falls, or sometimes a “Team Building” event of going bowling.


And hey, I love to bowl, it just didn’t fortify my ability to work better, communicate more collaboratively, and build trusting relationships with my teammates. 


As I merged my love of improv as a comedic performance art into a fun, actionable curriculum to teach people in the workplace to communicate and connect – I was thrilled (although, not shocked) to see how universal the principles derived from the space of play is, regardless of industry, demographics, or age ranges of the people involved. 


After such a long period of forced-adaptability in the workplace due to the pandemic, NOW is a better time than ever to infuse improv insights into your work group. 


The lessons rooted in “Yes, And” are a blast for groups of all sizes, from 5-5,000 people.


Let’s continue to create our “new normal” to be a space of maximum engagement and relentless creativity. And let’s have FUN learning from each other and unleashing the endless possibilities that lie just beyond the spark of curiosity.


Improv is a dynamic vessel for collaboration and is packed with simple tools that WORK. 

It’s time to be more creative with business “team building” events.

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