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📣 What message do you want to AMPLIFY?
Last year when I got this new tattoo I felt compelled to put this easter egg in the artwork so I would see it often as a reminder to amplify the messages that are important to me. Which, honestly, can be really scary at times.
As I’ve grown and bloomed over the years, I have considered, over and over, exactly how and when and WHY I desire to share my stories.
And there are a lot of ways to do so, on stage, through my podcast, by writing and publishing an autobiography, by posting on social media, and by how I carry myself throughout the day as I interact with my kids, friends, family, clients, and strangers I cross paths with.
Every opportunity to share and connect is important, whether it impacts one person or one million people.
When we truly understand WHY we want to share our message, the HOW and WHEN can show up with less effort and more clarity.
Pro tip: keep in mind that people will only hear what they are ready to hear, when they are ready to hear it. As we choose to share, we can do so from a space of our own perspectives, personal experiences, and authenticity to position our messages to become an opportunity for expansion inside someone’s experience, not a projection onto them.
Together, our stories can strengthen, empower, and connect us.
What is YOUR story? Your space of genius? Your message to the world!!! What gifts have you obtained through your life experiences that you are itching and eager to amplify? I’d love to help you do it.
Cheers to public speaking with purpose. Being a thought leader in our industries. Inspire others by being a more authentic speaker, and find that authentic YOU by infusing improv into your public speaking tool belt.

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