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How it started/How it’s going
My comedy/public speaking career started when I was a wee youngin’ and I’ve had a hunger for talking into microphones ever since. I love the opportunity to share stories and points of view.
And I love how microphones amplify a person’s voice so more people can hear it.
For many people, public speaking is:
😱SCARY – makes you feel “put on the spot”
😑UNCOMFORTABLE – A necessary evil for work
🤩ONLY FOR EXTRAVERTS – A complicated SKILL that you may not have
We all have a message (and MANY stories) to share from the perspective our own personal belief, current understanding, and life experience. Everything we need to share is already inside us, and it can continue to evolve as we seek personal learning and evolution of self as we refine our message.
I’ve been so fortunate to have a wide scope of experience with performance as a stand-up and improv comic while holding down a corporate career, and I’ve been speaking with intention to SPEAK for as long as I can remember.
I learned early on how powerful it is when we blend the tools of PLAY into our PROFESSIONAL world. I’ve already learned the ups, downs, and all-arounds of speaking and know now all the things I wish I knew then.
What are you passionate about sharing? Even though you may not talk on a giant stage, you ARE a public speaker every time you post on social media, do a live stream, or stand up to give your 60-second business pitch at a networking event.

I’d love to help you step into a space of confidence in YOUR unique deliverable. I’ve got some freakin’ RAD tools, experiences, and valuable “behind the scenes” knowledge to help you with. Use improv insights to boost your expertise in the space of Public Speaking.


CLICK HERE when you are ready for an online learning experience at your own pace, or connect with me directly on my contact form if you’d like 1:1 coaching through my signature “Yes, And” Accelerator 12-week program.

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